Double « Slimming Effect » Treatment

For a slim silhouette and more toned skin

A double « Slimming Effect » which
physically "shifts" stubborn cellulite

When the double massage head is moved over
your skin, the skin is sucked up in such a way
as to form a double fold of skin. The movement
of the double head, which is very gentle,
enables double "lipo-aspiration" action,
for even more effective and comfortable results.
Ionisation of the Slimming active ingredients
Thanks to the galvanic current, the Serum-Gel
ionises and activates the penetration of the
slimming active ingredients.
Muscle Stimulation
Just as in gymnastics, the stimulation  
enables the muscles to be worked, act in
fat being burned and in tissue being toned.
Your skin is smoother, more even, and the orange peel appearance is genuinely lessened!


Duration care : 45 minutes

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