Nature's laboratory

le laboratoire

Mary Cohr treatment products are the fruit of the life sciences and are formulated by a laboratory at the cutting edge of cosmetology. Mary Cohr Laboratories are indeed one of the very few cosmetics manufacturing companies in the world to have been certified in accordance with the very highest quality standards, a certification which is issued by the international certification organisation Bureau VERITAS: ISO 22716. This standard lays down good manufacturing practices, and compliance with them ensures high quality products: white rooms, pure water which is tested on a continual basis, double weighing checks, the traceability of each product.

In order to measure the effectiveness of its treatment methods and of its products, Mary Cohr set up a Pilot Beauty Salon, which is part of its Research & Development Centre. The R&D laboratory continually evaluates the new active ingredients arising out of recent scientific advances, so as to improve the formulations and the effectiveness of Mary Cohr skin treatments.   

The beauty therapists working at the Research Centre also develop new salon treatments, improve treatment protocols and measure their effectiveness.