By partnering with major sporting events in the world of football, tennis and figure skating, brand Mary Cohr ensures notoriety to a wide audience in excess of that frequent the beauty salon. This awareness, in addition to means of communication in the institute proposed by Mary Cohr, helps you and grow your customer base.




  • The Grand Slam tournament
    • Australian Open: From the19th January to 1st February 2015
    • Roland Garros : From the 19th May to 7th June 2015
    • Wimbledon : From the 29th June to 12th July 2015
    • US Open : From the 31th August to 13th September 2015
  • ATP Tennis Tournaments of Munich – BMW Open: From the 27th April 2015 to 3rd May 2015
  • ATP Tennis Tournaments of Hambourg – German Open: From the 14th July 2015 to 20h July 2015






  • of the Olympique de Marseille
  • of the Lille Olympique Sporting Club





  • Figure Skating European Championships
    From the 26th January to 1st of February 2015  -(Stockholm, Suede)
  • Four Continents (Four Continents Championship - alter ego of the European Championships for the other 4 continents)
    From the 9th to 15th February 2015 (Seoul, South Korea)
  • World Figure Skating Championships
    From the 23th to 29th March 2015 (Shanghai, China)